My Romantic Ringtone:)

For this assignment, I was inspired by a romantic proposal video that my husband and I found in a moving box that had yet to be unpacked. I’ve been in reminiscent, little-girl-crush mode all week. I decided I wanted to remix a ringtone to assign to Nathan when he calls me.
Music has always been an important part of my life (I still have a secret desire to be a famous Reba some day). I find meanings and connections in music in which I can relate. Therefore, I decided to compile some of the songs that make me think of Nathan and remix those for his ringtone. The first two chunks of the remix are two different chunks of the song “Springstein” by Eric Church (particularly focusing on the lines “Funny how a melody sounds like a memory”), the next portion is from “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?” by Thompson Square, and the last two sections are from “Goodnight” by Gloriana.

My Romantic Ringtone:)

Okay so I’m starting to annoy myself with all this MUSHY-GUSHY talk…so I’m done now! Go Dawgs! Sick ’em! Woof, woof, woof!!

***Note: All music clips were taken from purchased itunes songs.

How to re-create this awesomeness:)
1) Decide which songs you would like to include in your remix and the portion of the song you want. You need to keep in mind the time length of the portions that you want to use.
2) I didn’t know how to download songs from my itunes account and place them into Audacity, so I recorded them in Audacity while they were playing in my itunes. To do this, press the record button in Audacity and then press play in itunes.
However, now that I’m done with this, the best way to download from itunes is to set your itunes to download files as .wav files.
3) After the song you want has been recorded, use the trim option tool to highlight the sections you want to remove. After highlighting them, press the delete key on your keyboard. It’s better to trim too little than too much. Continue to listen to the clip to make sure it is the way you want it.
4) When your music clip is perfect, go to File and choose Export. Save the file.
5) Repeat for all music clips that you want to include in your remix ringtone.

6) When you are ready to compile the clips together, bring up a new , empty Audacity window. Go to File and choose Import. Find the files and upload the clip you want to go first. Repeat for all clips uploading them in the order you wish them to play. Each new clip will upload under the previous file.
7) Choose the time shift tool to drag the second sound clip to the end of the previous sound clip. Repeat.
8) You can choose the selection tool to highlight the music clip portions that you want to add special effects to, such as fade in and out.
9) When you are finished, go to File, choose Export and save your finished Romantic (or not) Ringtone!


3 thoughts on “My Romantic Ringtone:)

  1. Nice work here making something original and meaningful from existing work. I think your tutorial gets the job done as well.

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