Remix #4: Video – The Power of 1

For the 4th and final Remix Project, I chose the option of the Movies by Numbers. I was torn between doing Number 1 and going with an individual/alone/single mixed with a winners/best/first theme, or doing Number 13 and going with unlucky/creepy. I chose Number 1 because I am very competitive so that sounded fun!

Here is the link to my remix video:

Hope you enjoy!

Here are the steps to create this project.

First Steps:
1) First choose which number you think you could come up with a theme for this project.
2) Go to Google Images and find the images that you would like to use for your number video.
3) Save each image as a .jpeg into a folder. (I would suggest creating a folder to save all images and music files into for this one project.)
4) Next, I went to YouTube and found the song that fit my theme.
5) Copy the URL.
6) Next, pull up a YouTube to MP3 converter in google.
7) Paste the URL into the site. Download the file. (This site has been on Google for a long time, so I’m assuming that this is totally legal. Additionally, you are adding value.)
8) Now that you have gathered all of your images and music, you are ready to make your movie.

Movie Steps
1) Open Windows Live Movie Maker. (If you don’t have this installed on your computer, it is a free download online.)
2) When you open Movie Maker, the home screen will have an add images button. Click on that to add your images. (I saved my images as a number in the order that I wanted them to be inserted into Movie Maker because it’s difficult to move them if you have a lot of images once in MM.
3) To change the timing on how long the images stay on the screen, click on the images (hold down CTRL and then click on multiple images) and then go to the edit tab and find the duration. Mine was set on 7 seconds, which is long for images with no text, so I changed 7 to 1 second on some images and 3-5 on others.
4) Next, click on the add music button to insert your tunes. I used two different music clips. Insert music file you want first to make life easier.
5) To edit the music (say you don’t want the entire song like I didn’t for my first tune), you can change the start music time and end music time. You have to do trial and error to make it perfect. Continue to play the work so far to see what it sounds like.
6) You can also fade in and fade out. All you have to do is click on the beginning or end of the music and chose the slow, medium, or fast option to fade.
7) To save your project as a movie, you must click on the “Save Movie” option, NOT the save project. It won’t turn it into a video if you save it as a project. You have now created your movie!


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